Do You Get Paid?

 “Do you make enough from Portraits of White to pay yourself?” Another great question from a fan.

The simple answer is not yet, but I hope to. 

But there’s always more to the story than just a two word answer, right? 

When I first started Portraits of White, I was doing 50 – 100 events per year, working at a church part time and writing/recording albums. I had to be organized and make good use of every moment I had. I suppose it was good preparation for starting a big Christmas event.

Portraits of White took my music career on a path filled with higher mountains, lower valleys, roller coaster twists and horseshoe turns emotionally and financially. It challenged my faith, musicianship, tenacity and endurance. I’ve learned a lot about myself, show production, business, marketing, and realistic goal setting, for starters.

But why not just tell you more about it in this week’s video?

Click HERE to get your tickets to Portraits of White 2021.

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