Ideas Are Your Friends

“There’s nothing so powerful as an idea who’s time has come.” — Jim Rohn

Sometimes ideas can feel like little mosquitos who are pesky and want a place to land and suck your blood. At least, that’s how I feel some days. I can’t possibly carry out all of the ideas that pop into my mind or give them a place to live. BUT….in the end, ideas can be our friends. We just have to learn how to nurture, prioritize and categorize them. 🙂

When you see Portraits of White, you’ll be witnessing the power of an idea. 

  • A snowy day led to the idea for the title song, Portraits of White.
  • One single manger scene in a Christmas shop in 1999 sparked the idea for the song Take Another Look. 
  • That song took me down a path of “skipping Christmas” that year so I could pay attention to the holiday sadness I often felt in December. 
  • Skipping Christmas opened up space for me to start expressing my feelings through songwriting. 
  • Those seeds of songs started me thinking about doing a Christmas album.
  • The album provided more ideas – how about a show where we “hear” and “see” the music?

It came to pass in 2014 and it will again this year!

Do you have your tickets to see this show yet? 😉

Jim Rohn suggests 5 steps for turning nothing into something:

1) Start with ideas and imagination – they aren’t tangible, but they are almost real.2) Believe that what you imagine is possible for you. 

Two types of testimonials can provide inspiration for us:

“If I can do it, you can do it.” (Someone else’s story)

“If I did it once, I can do it again.” (Our own story)

3) Go to work and make it real – make it tangible.
4) It takes the disciplined activity to make it reality.
5) Appreciate the discipline it takes to follow through and see it happen.

Buy your tickets HERE!

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