What is Portraits of White?

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While “Portraits of White” includes all the trappings of an elegant Christmas concert–great music, a live orchestra, a beautiful and evocative venue–you will soon discover that it is much more than just another concert…

In “Portraits of White” singer/songwriter Frances Drost shares not only her talents and heartwarming original music, she also shares herself–her unique expressions of winter and of the holidays as rendered by her own experiences.  And she does so with uncompromising artistry as well as refreshing honesty.

This year, “Portraits of White” will take place in a beautiful venue with larger capacity for seating and parking. Christ Community Church (only minutes from last year’s venue) will be hosting this wonderful event.

This year’s concert has yet another high quality line-up of top-notch musical entertainment on tap for this year’s show  featuring a 25-piece orchestra and songs – vocal and instrumental – across multiple musical genres and styles. A hallmark of the “Portraits of White” series is the unexpected musical surprises programmed into the concert – and this year is no exception. And while there are plenty of great arrangements of familiar Christmas favorites,  there are also several delightful new songs that will have you humming on your way out after the concert.  From Robert Sterling’s beautiful and reflective “December Through My Window” to David Phelps’  dramatic “Joy, Joy”, “Portraits of White” promises to be an unforgettable night that will remind you why the music of Christmas brings so much added meaning to the season.  

If you enjoyed last year’s concert, you will LOVE this year!

2 thoughts on “What is Portraits of White?

    1. Hi Darlene,

      I would be thrilled to have you come! We are planning another wonderful night of laughter, music and inspiration. Each year is a little different. Hope to see you there!


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