Deeper Trust

The Spring Concert Series that never took place due to COVID-19.

Journal entry: March 14, 2020 – Saturday

“Postponed video shoot for my Spring Concert Series…

Email from Senator Bob Casey made me decide to wait. Why risk?

Did my usual housecleaning and my 1 1/2 hour bike ride along the spring. Worked in the yard after lunch—head start on the spring weeds.

Church cancelled tomorrow…virus.

Listened to an interview with Rick Bright on research for a vaccine. Fascinating. A Kansas farm kid, government chickens, eggs…the process for making a vaccine and the market needed to produce it, buy it.

For now schools are cancelled…more gigs lost. 

Oh well. 

Deeper trust.”

I was reading The Broken Road, by Richard Paul Evans at the time. (I highly recommend it.) When I’m reading a book, I often copy phrases into my journal that stir me or help me express what I’m feeling. It takes me longer to finish a book when I do this, but I find that the impact of the book lingers long past the reading of it. 

The phrase I wrote in my journal on March 14 was a perfect way to describe how this unwanted virus was making me feel at the time…and I still feel this way today.

“It was a game of emotional chess.”