Highlights from Portraits of White 2017

Here’s what people have said about the 2017 show:

“I was in awe of the army of volunteers that helped make it all happen.”

“It’s unlike any other show I have gone to see. Combines that hometown feel with a professional show.”

Portraits of White 2017.

“Portraits of White is the highlight of my Christmas season and I have traveled from Houston, TX the last 3 years for this spectacular performance. I would love for my entire family to be able to attend.”

“Attending Portraits of White is like opening your Christmas present early! Once you’ve gone once you’ll anticipate it all year and you’ll never guess what surprises are in store!”

Frances Drost sings “I Love Snow” while the snow falls. : )

“Portraits of White is an evening that allows me to push pause on the chaos that typically accompanies Christmas. I get to relax and relish the joyful wonder of the holiday season. Aside from our Christmas Eve candlelight services, Portraits of White is where Christmas happens in my heart.”


“Commercialization of Christmas has worn me down over the years to the point
of numbness, but Portraits of White has rejuvenated my heart again!”

Photos by STEPH ALEX Photography.

West Shore Drum Line plays “Pat-A-Pan”.
Award-winning guitarist, Tom Hemby with Frances Drost.
Nashville conductor – Ed Kee.
Dr. Mark Hartman – Principal Violinist.
Nashville conductor – Ed Kee with Wayne Fox on piano.





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